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Simple Facts:
4% withdrawal rate = 90% probability of having zero in 30 years
6% withdrawal rate = 90% probability of having zero in 16 years
8% withdrawal rate = 90% probability of having zero in 12 years

There is a high degree of probability that you will be withdrawing more that 4% from your life savings over time.  In fact, the Government requires you to withdraw nearly 4% by age 71 from pension savings. The above figures indicate the higher you go above 4%, the quicker you accelerate to the point where you will have Zero money.  Guaranteed income contracts are the best solution providing guaranteed lifetime income.For example,  an 81-year-old male received an annual guaranteed 17.5% rate of payout for life, along with a guaranteed refund of principle plus the refund of interest. Guarantees are based on claims paying ability of the issuing life Insurance Companies.

Common Sense:

Our clients #1 need is to have enough guaranteed income to sustain their lifestyle. Common sense dictates that they use contracts specifically engineered to produce guaranteed income to fulfill that need. Fixed Rate Annuities with Guaranteed Income Riders have a much greater guaranteed income payout than any other financial instrument and provides a refund of principle to your family. With today’s higher life expectancy will you be able to maintain your standard of living in retirement and will your income last as long as you do?Our annuity contracts can be set up to provide you, your spouse and/or your loved ones with enough income paid to last your entire lifetime.  You choose the amount of income and it will be guaranteed along with a refund of principle.

​Medically Underwritten Annuities:

A new option is to obtain a guaranteed income that may be a greater amount than the original tables provide.  Our firm specializes in contracts that custom made for meeting your goals.

The Plain Truth:

​“The vast majority of data says that 30% to 40% of an individual’s portfolio should be put in a… fixed-(guaranteed) income annuity.” – Harvard University Study

“No investment can give greater than 4% payout for 30 years.” – Amercian Academy of Actuaries

“A fixed annuity could protect the annuitant from investment risk.” – Brookings Institue"

…life annuities… the argument for this income solution in retirement is compelling” – Wharton School

“To achieve real security, households need to get as much as possible out of their nest eggs.  Annuiteites guarantee that households don’t outlive their money. Finally, annuities provide more income than other approaches.” – Center for Retirement at Boston College